Big congratulations to Saffron Jarvis, who was awarded learner of the month for Lowestoft in April by her Nail and Beauty tutor Alex Law.
Saffron started LifeSkills in May 2019 and didn’t know what she wanted to do but thought she would give nail and beauty a try as she felt she had a flare for beauty.

Saffron was shy, not very confident and quite introvert when she started at Lifeskills. Despite Saffron’s lack of confidence she has always had one of the most respectful attitudes and behaviours her tutor had ever witnessed, and Saffron is so polite, she often find’s herself being humbled by her help towards others and her care for other people’s feelings.
Saffron’s tutor Alex believed that she would see her thrive throughout the year and she now feels that Saffron has proven that to her beyond what she ever thought.

When Saffron started LifeSkills, she didn’t have long before the current academic year was completed, but she still e had time to take an award. Saffron’s tutor gave her the opportunity to just come back and do Level 2 N&B this year but Saffron said she wanted to do the level 1 Certificate, Diploma and then the Level 2 Award and Certificate. It was explained to Saffron that this has never been done before and that it may not be possible for Saffron to achieve her goals as this would include completing 31 assignments and 33 practical assessments as well as holding down a part time job at Bon Marche!

Saffron insisted that she wanted to do it and would achieve this, even if it meant doing 2 assignments from home per week.

Saffron has shown great dedication to her chosen course and this is very evident in all of her submitted work as the majority of her work has been awarded distinctions. Saffron has also been working to complete her English qualification, and again all work that has been submitted has been to a very high standard.

Saffron’s tutor Alex had some amazing thing to say about her:

“Saffron’s false nails are amongst some of the most skilled I have seen all year and she is a professional and an excellent therapist.”

Alex went on to add:

“Saffron shaved her hair a few months ago to give her hair to a children’s cancer charity, this show’s what a kind hearted girl she is. Saffron is so thoughtful and willing to work with anyone in the salon, especially the quiet ones so they don’t feel isolated. I am sad that I didn’t get to spend these last few months teaching Saffron before she goes off to fulfil whatever career she chooses and I wish her all the best for her very bright future.”

Everyone at Lifeskills would like to thank Saffron for all the hard work and dedication that she has shown to complete her qualification, she really will be missed.

We would all like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your success and we wish you the best of luck in the future.

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