Lifeskills Lowestoft would like to congratulate Tia on her outstanding work.

Tia started LifeSkills in August of 2019. Tia had done some beauty therapy at college but found it too overwhelming to complete the course.
Tia has autism and big crowds of people make her feel very uncomfortable and anxious. Tia was very withdrawn and quiet and didn’t really like speaking to anyone in her first term with Lifeskills.

As well as having Autism Tia is also visually impaired and has a nut allergy so there are lots of things for her to combat in her education on a daily basis. From day one Tia put her trust in the staff and classmates when it came to her nut allergy. All learners made sure there were no nut products in the salon and were always ready to deal with any situations should they arise.

After Tia’s first term, Tia started to become more vocal in theory sessions and always volunteered to be a model for salon treatments or work with anyone who may be feeling anxious about their practical.

When Tia started to get good feedback from her assignments and her first distinction, you could really see the change in her. Tia thrives on encouragement and support and this makes her believe in herself and her capabilities and this has been a delight to see.

Tia finished her Level 1 Diploma last week when she was only down for a certificate and we feel that this is a fantastic achievement and she should be really proud of herself!!

Tia also passed her speaking and listening and her Functional Skills English and maths.  Speaking and listening made her feel anxious but with encouragement she spoke well about knife crime for her topic and she was passionate about this being an issue in the world.

Last week Tia came in centre wearing her autism lanyard feeling proud to be who she is and it was lovely to see her confidence grow. For Tia to be able to get to this stage in her life is a massive achievement for her. Tia turned 18 recently and she is about to complete the Level 2 Certificate in nail technology and alongside this she will complete the next level of Functional Skills and we have every faith in Tia that this will be passed with flying colours..

Lifeskills would like to say a big well done to Tia, we are very proud of you at LifeSkills.

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