Well done Sophie

We would like to congratulate Sophie Dyball on Completing her Level 1 Customer Service Certificate last week.

Sophie is in her second year at LifeSkills.

Sophie achieved a Level 1 Award in Business Admin along with a Level 1 in English and EL3 in maths while in her first year with LifeSkills in Lowestoft.

Sophie has overcome a number of her own individual battles while studying with LifeSkills due to mental health issues and could never see herself progressing onto complete a college course or progress into employment.
Sophie made the decision to stay on at LifeSkills to work on improving her confidence at the same time as achieving additional qualifications that she felt would help her progress in her future.

Sophie made a great start to her second year in August 2019 with regular attendance. Due to personal reasons which affected Sophie’s mental health Sophie did not attend LifeSkills for over a month.
Sophie’s tutor Rose Bain would not give up on her due to the fantastic work she had already submitted. Rose contacted Sophie regularly and Sophie began to engage with her again. By Christmas Sophie’s hard work was very evident as she had achieved her Customer Service Award and her Level 1 in maths.

Sophie has struggled with her own personal issues while completing her qualifications at LifeSkills in Lowestoft, but it was very evident that regardless of Sophie’s own battles she continued to push herself to achieve and succeeded. After the Christmas break Sophie achieved her English Level 2 which is a fantastic achievement.

Sophie has progressed so much since starting with LifeSkills and I am very pleased to say that Sophie has achieved her Customer Service Certificate Level 1 within the last three weeks.

Sophie has worked very hard while on lock-down at home and has engaged with Rose to completed the final pieces of evidence which have been submitted and signed off.

Everyone at LifeSkills would like to say a massive well done to Sophie for all her hard work and congratulations on completing the next stages of your qualification

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