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Subcontracting, Supply Chain Fees & Charges Policy 2021-22 
Author Nick Bailey
Effective Date August 2021
Version number 1.0
Next Review Date July 2022

LifeSkills Solutions Limited was formed to help create a brighter future for all the people we work with. Our three core values that the business is built on are:

  • To promote and deliver a culture of care for everyone
  • Support, listen and respect each other
  • Be open, honest and do what we say we will.

Lifeskills Solutions Limited subcontracts in order to fully meet our strategic aims. We do this to enhance the quality of our student offer, to enhance the opportunities available to young people and to fill gaps in niche or expert provision, and to provide better access to training facilities.


Within our Sports programmes at our Rotherham centre, LifeSkills Solutions Limited do not have the facilities to provide the additional employability, enrichment and pastoral (EEP) for students who are wanting a sporting excellence programme. Where required, Lifeskills Solutions Limited subcontracts an element of a student’s study programme to enable the inclusion of excellent team coaching and competitive match fixtures, whilst also obtaining high levels of academic education that will meet the individual goals of students’ and their career aspirations.

By subcontracting in the delivery of a specialist enrichment programme that meets the needs of the students within the local area, Lifeskills Solutions Limited is able to provide a full programme of training which is not offered by any other training provider in the local area.

Sports clubs in the area have community outreach programmes to encourage people to exercise and participate in sport within schools, clubs and community groups targeting young people, inactive people and disabilities as well as older people.

The government in Rotherham are aiming to increase sports jobs in the region by 12%.

Area of subcontracted provision:

Any subcontracted delivery will be within the town of Rotherham and local to the LifeSkills Rotherham centre.

Details of the Subcontracted Activity:

All of the accredited education will be delivered by LifeSkills Solutions Limited (lead provider), this equates to 67% of a learner’s programme, with the remaining 33% made up of sport coaching and competitive match fixtures that will form part of the EEP element of the students’ programme, which is the subcontracted element.

Financial details of subcontracting arrangements:

Based on the split of delivery, the financial consideration will be reflective of the elements delivered, with 33% of an individual student’s programme funding remunerated to the sub-contractor. Management fees will be included within the 67% of funding retained by LifeSkills Solutions Limited.

For the 2021/2022 contract year it is expected that approximately 57 learners will receive EEP activity through sub-contracted delivery (based on historic learner numbers for 2020/2021).

The 21/22 total subcontracting payment to NEFA (UKPRN 10088689) will be £1500 per learner, total estimated at £85,500.

The full financial details of all sub-contracted provision, and the actual fees charged, will be published on the LifeSkills website within 30 days of the final ILR submission at year end.

Management, Support and Capacity Building:

We have a responsibility to support all delivery partners to develop high-quality provision that meets the needs of learners. The management fee deducted from the allocated funds is used directly to provide a comprehensive and flexible programme of support, as well as compliance measures to ensure that public funds are protected and used effectively.

Our delivery partners will benefit from on-going support from Lifeskills Solutions Limited to ensure that our learners are provided with a high quality learning experience.

This support may consist of:

  • Dedicated contract manager to manage the relationship with the subcontractor and to ensure the quality of delivery meets expectations and supports continuous improvement of the provision.
  • MIS, Audit and ILR services.

LifeSkills Solutions Limited will also lead on the following:

  • Weekly monitor meeting to discuss student progress and any barriers to learning.
  • Termly observation of teaching, learning & assessment.
  • Monthly monitoring of Quality Improvement Plan
  • Bi-annually external Quality Reviews
  • Monitoring of adherence to LifeSkills Solutions Limited policies, procedures and documents.

The above support activities will be funded through the management fee. 

Due Diligence:

Subcontractors will supply LifeSkills Solutions Limited with all relevant information requested to protect learners and to ensure that the subcontractor is a legally, financially and educationally sound organisation prior to any contract being signed.

Health and Safety:

Subcontractors must provide details to the Lead Provider on request about how they ensure that facilities used to deliver learning meet all Health & Safety regulatory and legislative requirements, including where required specific health and safety reports, audits and risk assessments.

Subcontractor tutors must be capable of and must undertake activity and facility risk assessments at a frequency consistent with the type of activity and the nature of the facility being used.

The Lead Provider will undertake annual Health & Safety audits on each subcontractor annually.


As the learners will spend the majority of their time at the Lifeskills Rotherham centre, the learners will have full access to information about and access to 16 to 19 bursary and other student support funding, information, advice and guidance (IAG) and access to learning support if required.

Subcontractors will also be required to have in place safeguarding arrangements which are consistent with the standards expected by Lifeskills Solutions Limited. This includes enhanced DBS checks for all staff that deal with students. This will include having an annually updated Safeguarding Policy and designated Safeguarding Officer.

PREVENT (Counter Terrorism Strategy)

Subcontractors will be required to have a PREVENT anti-radicalisation policy in place and all staff will be expected to have undertaken appropriate training.

Fee Charging:

The public funding is only used to pay for delivering study programmes, and will not be used to cover ancillary aspects, such as memberships of sports clubs or theatre groups. 

Policy Review Details and Further Information:

This policy will be reviewed and approved annually by the Governors and the Board and made available on the company website.

LifeSkills Solutions Limited will publish the actual fees charged on the website within 30 days of the final ILR closure at the year end, or in line with funding rules.

LifeSkills Solutions Limited will adhere and refer to the Ofsted ‘Subtracting in Further Education and Skills’ handbook and the current ESFA Funding guidance for young people: Subcontracting control regulations to help and support the delivery of the subcontractor and the overall Education Inspection Framework.

LifeSkills Solutions Limited will also adhere to the good practice guide that will be published by the FA and AoC. This is due to be published in spring 2021. 






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