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We take an enormous amount of pride in how we help young people fulfil their potential. We know from experience that the role of a parent and carer is key to the success of a young person when they enter the world of employment and we really value your input and thoughts when discussing the best route for a young person to take. After all, the Information and Guidance we offer young people was highly commended by Ofsted.

Why LifeSkills

Why LifeSkills

LifeSkills is a partnership and essentially revolves around equipping young people with the skills they need in the modern world to get the jobs they want.

Our employment and learning Programmes have been highly praised throughout the industry. Whilst this is very nice, the important part for us is how our learners view LifeSkills, below are some of the results from the last year.

  • 82% of learners went on to a job, apprenticeship or further/higher education programme
  • 87% of learners achieved a qualification
  • 94% of learners surveyed would recommend LifeSkills to their friends
  • 93% of learners surveyed were happy with the support LifeSkills provides
  • 92% of learners believe their views are listened to.

What is the offer?

Study Programmes and Traineeships are all about the young person – A LifeSkills course is designed to get them the skills and qualifications employers are looking for.

Not sure what they want to do?

No problem, we have a range of qualifications they can do at level one and two, all designed to prepare them for the next step whether it’s getting a job, or carrying on their studies in an apprenticeship or college course.

Where can I get more information?

As long as a young person is aged 16-18, not at School or college or working no more than 10 hours per week then they are eligible for a LifeSkills course.

It gets better… if they attend their course every day, they can earn an allowance of up to £40 a month. On top of that if they try their hardest then they could be the training centre learner of the month or even better the overall LifeSkills learner of the month and get a top prize.

Our team love to chat with parents and carers, so please get in touch. To find out more about the courses in your area email info@learnaliving.co.uk and our team will be in touch.




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