Are you age 16-18? Do you want to get a job?

A LifeSkills training course gives you the skills that employers want!

We will even find a work placement for you.

Work placements in Rotherham and surrounding areas.

Our courses and include the following key elements:

  • We pay you an attendance allowance and even your travel costs
  • Work preparation training to kick-start your career
  • A high-quality work experience placement with an employer which matches your area of interest

Just look at what our students said about us in a recent EFSA survey.

94% of learners would recommend LifeSkills to their friends.

93% of learners were happy with the support LifeSkills provided.

92% of learners believe their views are listened too.

How do I apply?

We do like to keep things nice and chilled, so simply fill in the form below and find out about the options and the different routes available. Let’s ‘kick-start’ your career.

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