Understanding how the new 3 tier system works and how it affects attending Further Education.

At LifeSkills/Progressions UK we follow all government guidance and rules to ensure the safety of our learners and staff. Our Covid 19 procedure is updated on a regular basis as new guidance is issued and the Covid landscape changes.

The government has stated that education will continue unaffected by the new tier system, but there can be confusion as there is an existing tier system in place for Schools, FE providers and Universities that can conflict with the announcement.

The new 3 Tier system for local areas: Medium – High – Very High rating

The 4 Tier system for education is; Tier 1 – Tier 2 – Tier 3 – Tier 4

The Message from government is: Even in areas of national intervention, where restrictions have been implemented for other sectors, we anticipate that education and childcare provision will usually remain fully open to all (default Tier 1 for any area in Medium, High or Vey High).

Tier 1 – schools, colleges and other educational establishments should remain open and continue to allow all their children and young people to attend, on site, with no other restrictions in place.

So what does this mean when attending your course?

Currently we are in Tier 1 across all areas of LifeSkills/Progressions UK centre areas – Leeds, Rotherham, Lowestoft and Basildon, irrespective of the local conditions i.e.  Medium, High or Very High so you should continue to attend the centre as normal unless:

  • you are self-isolating due to testing positive with Coronavirus symptoms (10 days from the onset of symptoms)
  • have been advised to self-isolate due to someone in your household testing positive for Coronavirus (14 days from the onset of symptoms) or
  • have been contacted by NHS Track and Trace and been advised to self-isolate (14 days).

Once your symptoms have stopped or your period of self-isolation has finished you should start attending again as normal.


For further information on the Tier system for education click Here




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