Study Programmes are full time education programmes that meet the needs of staying in education for 16 to 18 year olds (19-24 year olds with and EHCP) so don’t affect any benefits received.

You can base the study programme around your interests and/or career aspirations which help you improve your skills, knowledge, understanding and experience. This will help your chances in progressing into your chosen career either through a job, apprenticeship or further training.

All LifeSkills/Progressions UK study programmes focus on:

  • Maths and English skills’ development including GCSE’s and Functional skills qualifications
  • a vocational area in which you are interested including industry recognised vocational qualifications from Entry level to level 3
  • work placements to develop your skills and put your learning into practice
  • employability skills and preparation for work and life in modern Britain
  • information, advice, guidance and support at the outset and throughout the programme to help you make informed decisions on your progression steps during and after the programme.

You may also be eligible for an attendance allowance or bursary (depending on household income and individual circumstances) including bus fares to and from the training centre or work placement so there is no cost to you.

Do you know what you want to do but don’t have the skills, confidence or experience?

Not sure what you want to do yet so would like to try different things to help make your mind up?

Have been applying for jobs and apprenticeships but not had any success?

Want to get some qualifications but don’t want to stay on at school or go to college? If the answer is yes then a study programme with LifeSkills/Progressions UK could be exactly what you need to start earning a living.

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