What to expect when you become an apprentice  

I bet many of you are feeling a little bit apprehensive when applying for an apprenticeship. Feeling a bit nervous? Feeling unsure of what your role as an apprenticeship will entail?

Well trust me there’s no need to worry! Keep on reading and everything will be explained to you…

You will be working in a totally new environment

To some people this may sound scary but your new employees will do everything they can to make sure you settle in to your workplace with ease. But for you as an apprentice you need to listen to those around you but also be observant of your work colleagues.

You will receive support from your learning adviser

You may be feeling nervous when starting your apprenticeship but you will have your learning adviser to support you from the start of your apprenticeship all the way to the finish. They will visit you every month to ensure everything is going well and that your enjoying your new job. Whenever you have any questions or you need help in any kind of way don’t hesitate you can contact them via email or phone.

You will be learning new skills continuously 

Apprenticeships are all about learning. You will be learning new skills throughout your apprenticeship. Your new skills will help you take your first steps into your dream career. When starting your new job role, you should show enthusiasm and show that you will be an asset to the business you’re working for.

You will receive a wage

If you are under 19, or over 19 and in the first year of your apprenticeship, you will earn at least £3.70 an hour. However, some employers do pay more than the national minimum wage for apprentices.

All the hard work and effort will be worth it. You’re the new generation of talent, so go get your first step onto the career ladder and show an employer your skills!


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