How Will Your GCSE Grades Measure Up?

Opening that results envelope has to be one of the hardest things to do, well at least for a lot of people! Dare you look? Will your hands be shaking, will you read it in a logical fashion or just be drawn to the highest and lowest numbers and then work through the other subjects.

We are all different and our expectations and the results themselves will always show a gap between actual and the hoped for grades.

One thing is for certain however.The LifeSkills GCSE results team are here to help you with your next step.

Our guidance team were commended by Ofsted for their information and advice and are available to chat and offer some advice and maybe just a few ideas to help you take your next step to finding a career path that helps you move forward and kick start your career.

Call them on 01709 828586 of drop them a line,

Speak soon and good luck with your results




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