It is a difficult time for everyone at the moment and the affects and changes to our everyday routines and what we took as normal have just been ‘thrown out of the window’ in the last few weeks!

If you were in Year 11, the school closures and subsequent cancelling of all GCSEs will have you confused and worried, with lots of questions to ask and most probably lots of things which you are not sure of how to even put into a question.

At LifeSkills and Progressions we can’t promise you that we have all the answers, there are somethings which still need sorting out and further information from government. One thing is for sure however, we have a team of fantastic people to help you make decisions about your next step.

Our work based training courses are available for August starts.

  • A wide range of courses to give you the skills you need to help you progress into employment or onto an apprenticeship
  • A wide range of course to help you kick-start your career.

Not sure how your GCSE grades will affect you applying for a course or to help your  job or apprenticeship prospects?Arrange to have a chat with the LifeSkills and Progressions team and they will be able to offer you the advice, guidance and help to ensure Coroanvirus doesn’t stop your career from taking-off!

To find out more about our courses and register your interest in our August starts to get ahead of everyone else. Please, complete the details below and we will be in touch via a short phone call to set out your options and start the conversation.

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