How do I apply?

That’s easy. Just call one of the team at your nearest LifeSkills or Progressions UK centre or simply click on the ‘apply now’ button on the website and send us your details. We will arrange a get together where we can look at your options and opportunities and find the best course for you.

How long will it take to qualify?

Study programmes are full time further education programmes and take around 37 weeks to complete, traineeships last up to 14 weeks. However if you complete and are ready to progress sooner we will help you all the way.

Do I need any qualifications?

Most programmes do not have any entry requirements (some level 2 and level 3 may need minimal levels of English skills due to the technical nature of the qualification). We interview and assess you at the outset and discuss the results with you to help you decide on the best way forward so you are on the right course from the start.

What days do I have to attend?

Depending on what course you choose you will attend either a LifeSkills/Progressions UK centre as your main place of study for up to 4 days per week or you may be with an employer for up to 4 days per week and attend day release at a LifeSkills/Progressions UK centre.

Is it work based learning?

Yes, all of our courses are about developing your work based skills either in a LifeSkills/Progressions UK training centre or work placement.

Do I have to take exams at the end of the course?

Some qualifications do require you to take exams. Others are assessed as you complete work on the course. These will be discussed and agreed with you at the start of the programme and set out on your ILP (Individual Learning Plan). Some examples are for GCSE or Functional Skills Maths and English as well as for some elements of vocational qualifications.

Do I have to do work experience?

In a nutshell yes. It is a mandatory part of both study programmes and traineeships. Depending on which course you are on and what your own needs are will decide the duration of work placement you will attend. See our benefits of work experience to find out more.

Can I afford it?

You’d better believe it. Our study programmes and traineeships are fully funded so it won’t cost you a penny. You could even be eligible for an attendance allowance or bursary including your travel costs to and from the training centre or work placement. So you can earn a living.

How will I know which course to choose?

It’s not always easy, knowing which direction you want to take in your life. That’s where our team come in. They will advise and guide you through the options available, and help you decide which course is best for you.

What if I don’t complete the course?

No one is going to give you any hassle if you decide the course isn’t for you. The downside is that you won’t qualify, so you won’t get the experience or qualifications, and that means you’ll find it harder to get a job.

What can I do when I have finished my course?

That depends on you. We will help you get all that you need from the course and provide information, advice and guidance throughout the programme for you to be able to take the next step on your journey. At the end of the day it is up to you, the more you put in the more you get out. That means that if you work hard, apply yourself and achieve the targets set you will be in a better position, with more qualifications, skills, experience and confidence to progress into the world of work.

Why should I do a study programme or traineeship?

There are lots of reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • You can get  nationally recognised qualifications
  • You will improve your Maths, English and employability skills
  • You can apply your new skills on a work placement
  • You take your qualifications with you wherever you go
  • It costs nothing and you get paid while you learn
  • Work experience will enhance your CV and show employers you have skills and experience that they need.
  • It will increase your chances of getting a job, apprenticeship or to progress on to a higher level course
  • You’ll be better at your job and stand a better chance of promotion
  • People will want to pay you more if you’ve got the right skills



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