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Have you ever thought about having a career in sport?

If you love sport and in particular boxing then our Sports Study Programme, in conjunction with Coldwell Boxing, should be perfect for you. Places are limited and to succeed on the course you need bags of drive and enthusiasm as well as a serious interest in sport.

The course has been developed by David Coldwell, trainer, manager and promotor of World Champions, so there is no better place in the region to study a boxing related educational course.

If successful you will work towards a level one or level two qualification and cover topics including:
Self-discipline and
Coaching and boxing, overseen not only with your course tutor but also by professional boxers at Coldwell Boxing's Rotherham gym.

As well as developing your skills and knowledge of sports you will also develop vital English, maths and employability skills all to give you the confidence and qualifications to progress to the next stage in your chosen career in sport.

To find out more, contact Rotherham on 0800 62 26 873 or send us an email.