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Unexpected GCSE results? What are your options?

Unexpected GCSE results? What are your options?

Vocational courses

Vocational courses are an option as they can have lower entry requirements but still get you to the grade for higher education level such as university.
Vocational courses are good for students who prefer practical courses such as motor vehicle engineering, construction, beauty or want to focus on a career such as business and sport.
They’re also ideal if you prefer to be assessed through coursework rather than exams.


You can combine a training course and working at the same time by volunteering or getting a work placement and most of the time this can be linked. For example you could be completing a training course on motor vehicle and get a work placement in a garage or you could be doing a business course and get a work placement in an office. This is great experience for your CV and gives more confidence when it comes to the work environment.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills is about learning a skill base, which includes communication, team working, presentation, and problem solving, that is then transferable to other areas of learning, life and work.
Functional Skills qualifications are in English, maths and ICT are available at Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2.

Re-sit GCSE’s

If you didn’t get good grades in English and maths at GCSE such as below a C/4 grade, you might want to think about retaking them. It might feel like you are going backwards, but for many jobs and qualifications, GCSEs in particular, are very important.

Study Programmes

A Study Programme combines them all; you can study a vocational course of your choice while updating your CV, practicing interview techniques and working towards increasing your level of maths and English, whether this is Functional Skills or GCSE. Once they think you are work placement ready they will try and find you a work placement which links in with your course and that you like.


An Apprenticeship is learning and working at the same time and you can do apprenticeships at Level 2 (intermediate) and Level 3 (advanced). Apprenticeships can help you gain skills and qualifications that will increase your chance of getting and keeping a job, or even helping you to move up the ladder in your chosen career.

“LifeSkills is the best place ever.” Chloe Smith (current student)

Chloe has achieved more qualifications at LifeSkills than she did with school and she now has a part time job working in a cafe.

Qualifications might just seem like bits of paper, but they can really help you get where you want to be. As long as your 16-18 years old and live in South Yorkshire what is stopping you?

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“Doing the course gave me a much better idea of what the job involved. I was much more confident when I went for my interview and knew I had a qualification that counted on my application. I've now been working with children for almost a year.”