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Scared of taking the leap of applying for an apprenticeship? I say GO FOR IT!!!

Scared of taking the leap of applying for an apprenticeship? I say GO FOR IT!!!

Scared of taking the leap of applying for an apprenticeship? I say GO FOR IT!

Choosing the right career can be stressful, especially when you have no idea of what you want to do in the future. But reflecting back applying for an apprenticeship is the best thing I've ever done.

About me
Before I was lucky enough to discover the amazing benefits of an apprenticeship, I was in sixth form studying Law, English Language and Business; I had no idea how they would help me in my future career. I lost all motivation in learning the subjects and I realised that college was't right for me.

Earning money, while gaining experience and knowledge in something I have a passion for, sounded amazing!

LifeSkills gave me the opportunity to take my first steps into my dream job in Digital Marketing and Social Media.

I am currently 4 months into my apprenticeship and I absolutely love it! I definitely made the right decision in leaving college. Within my role I'm learning things such as social media planning, Facebook advertising, creating custom audiences and content marketing

At the end of my Apprenticeship I will achieve a Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing and Social Media. This can lead to a higher (Level 4) Apprenticeship or a full time job in Digital Marketing

What apprenticeships do LifeSkills offer?

LifeSkills offer apprenticeships in: Business Administration, Digital Marketing, Warehousing, Customer Service, Health and Social Care, Retail and Sales and Telesales.

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So if you're ready to take that leap in applying for an Apprenticeship contact LifeSkills on 0800 6226873

Written by Elise Taylor (Digital Marketing and Social Media Apprentice at LifeSkills)

“For any company considering investing in an Apprentice I would recommend the services of LifeSkills for efficient placement of candidates who are eager and fit for purpose. Although lacking in experience, (as you would expect) the young people we have welcomed into the business over the last 3+ years have turned out to be hardworking, great learners and keen to impress. Attitude is everything as they say and if you can hire that, then it’s a great start! Thank you Hadleigh and the team for your support in helping our business invest in future talent.”

Maria Elliott, HR Manager
Maher Limited

Maria Elliott