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Apprenticeships are an opportunity for young people to develop their skills and gain more qualifications. They also offer a fantastic way to benefit your business.

At LifeSkills, we've worked with leading organisations in various sectors to develop Apprenticeships that understand your needs. We provide essential training and support in the workplace so the Apprentice gains the skills needed to help you gain the competitive advantage of employees who are learning the skills that you know work best for your business. We can also arrange workshops at one of our training centres if additional training and support is required.

We offer apprenticeships to unemployed 16-23 year olds and existing Employees aged between 16 and 23 may be suitable for an apprenticeship, with many free places available (particularly for those aged 16-18).

Merryweathers, Specsavers and Maher are just a few of the organisations who have gained from working with LifeSkills. However, we pride ourselves on our experience of delivering training to organisations of every size. In fact, 86% of our apprentices gained their qualifications in the last contract year - that's well above the national average.

Administering the Apprenticeship is dealt with by our staff, working in partnership with you - to identify training needs and the most cost-effective methods of delivery.

Our Apprenticeships are fully delivered in your business so your employees do not have to be out of the workplace and training can be arranged at times to suit you.

Here's a quick summary of some of the ways Apprenticeships can help your business:

  • Better productivity - from a skilled, well-trained workforce
  • Motivated staff - who work harder for your business and are easier to retain and recruit
  • Relevant training - courses are designed by those in your industry
  • No skills shortages - you can train your staff in relevant skills, and retain them.

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Apprenticeships we offer:

  • Business & Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Retail Skills
  • Sales & Telesales
  • Team Leading
  • Management
  • Hospitality
  • Warehousing and Storage

If you would like to find out more about how Apprenticeships can benefit your business, please contact the nearest centre to you or email

“In a very short time we've built a great rapport with LifeSkills. Every member of the team finds them approachable and friendly, yet professional. It's great knowing that staff can raise questions on a one-on-one basis or in the group sessions they've set up.”